Executive Committee Job Descriptions


The President shall preside over all meetings; announce appointment of committee chair-persons immediately following installation; shall perform such duties as customary usage and parliamentary procedure; shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee; shall be advised of and make recommendations regarding the activities of the officers and standing committees.


Shall chair the Finance Committee, shall assist the President and Vice-President in their duties throughout the year; shall appoint one member to current Program Committee; shall keep informed regarding the proceedings of PACR; shall succeed to the office of President at the conclusion of his/her term of office.  Prior to installation as President, the President-Elect shall appoint standing committee chairpersons for his/her term of office.  A vacancy in the office of President-Elect shall be filled by a vote of the active members at the next meeting.


Shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence; shall complete the unexpired term of the President in the event of vacancy; shall assist the President in carrying out his/her duties and shall plan and execute ways and means to add monies to the treasury of the Association.


Shall keep a record of all proceedings of PACR; shall keep on file all committee reports; shall keep the official roster and call the roll where required; shall keep attendance records; shall have on hand at each meeting a list of all existing committees and their members; shall record and distribute minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and the annual meeting.  Annual meeting minutes will be distributed to the general membership.  The secretary shall further send out a notice of each meeting; shall prepare an order of business for use by the presiding officer; shall conduct the general correspondence of PACR.


Shall pay out monies only upon receipt of original bills and vouchers and shall render a financial statement at the annual meeting.  All financial records of the organization shall be presented for audit at the end of each calendar year, and are to be given to the new treasurer by January 31 of the next term. (1) Auditors – Two (2) members in good standing, not serving as an officer, selected by the Executive Committee, shall serve only the time specified as required for audit.  A written report of their findings must be presented to the Executive Committee by January 31 of the next calendar year. An outside auditor will be utilized a minimum of every five years, or as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer is also responsible for overseeing the Paypal account.

Immediate Past-President

Shall assist the President with business of the PACR and provide advice and guidance to the Executive Committee whenever requested.


This committee shall accept applications for membership, mail membership renewal applications, issue membership notification upon receipt of dues, forward dues to the PACR treasurer, issue letters of forfeiture. Also responsible for monitoring the eligibility status for the Vida Peterson Scholarship.


This committee shall be responsible for the annual meeting and shall submit the proposed program for the annual meeting to the Executive Committee for its approval.


This committee shall be responsible for the conduction of the election and shall solicit nominations for each office from active members in good standing.


The Bylaws Committee shall receive all proposed amendments and shall prepare and submit them along with rationale to the Executive Committee.  At least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting, the Bylaws Committee shall mail to the membership proposed bylaws changes with rationale and Executive Committee recommendation for action. The Bylaws Committee shall be responsible for printing of addendums or revisions to the bylaws for distribution to the general membership within two months after the annual meeting. The Bylaws Chairperson will perform the duties of Historian as outlined in the Operating Manual.

Public Relations 

This committee shall be responsible for the publications of PACR.  They shall see that such publications contain reports of the affairs of PACR, decisions of the Executive Committee, educational items, reports of committees, results of elections, and other items of interest.  New publications will be issued a minimum of twice a year, or at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Responsible for the publication of the monthly e-Alerts.


The President-Elect shall chair the Finance Committee, which will consist of the Treasurer, the President, the Vice-President and the President-Elect.  It shall be responsible for developing and recommending to the Executive Committee fiscal guidelines, proposed operating budget, expenditure and prudent investment of PACR funds.


This committee shall be responsible for researching pending legislation, seeking membership input and providing this information to the legislative bodies and to PACR membership.  They shall keep the membership informed of pending and recently passed legislation that affects cancer registrars, cancer programs and cancer patients.  They shall also initiate legislative proposals to the appropriate legislature.


This committee shall consist of a Chairperson and two active members selected by the chairperson.  This committee shall be responsible for educational programs throughout the year.

Website Liaison 

Shall maintain the PACR website to ensure content is always current and all documents are posted as needed in a timely manner; shall monitor contract with Website Host and act as a liaison between PACR and the Website Host; shall submit change requests in a timely manner and follow-up on completion of requests and verify/test changes when appropriate; is responsible for managing the Executive Committee dashboard; will work with other Officers and Chairs as needed to post or create materials for the website, i.e. on-line voting and on-line registration.

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