Past Presidents

1974 - 1975 Vida Peterson
1975 - 1976Dolores Michels
1976 - 1977 Joseph Pitts
1977 - 1978Iola Denby
1978 - 1979Florence Macasevich
1979 - 1980Roseanne Bonanni
1980 - 1981Linda Pressman
1981 - 1982Chris Sergee
1982 - 1983JoAnn Davis
1983 - 1984Patricia Jarrett
1984 - 1985Mary Lou Murray
1985 - 1986Shirley Verner
1986 - 1987 Joan Phillips
1987 - 1988 Joan Phillips
1988 - 1989Audrey Baughman
1989 - 1990Cyndi McLafferty
1990 - 1991Margie Finnocchiaro
1991 - 1992 Jayne Holubowsky
1993Edie Kutlus
1994Edie Kutlus
1995 Joan Phillips
1996Debra Chickadel
1997Peggie Garcia-Shields
1998Mary Phillips
1999Pat Shoemaker
2000Michelle Resch
2001Virginia LeBlond
2002Cathy Knupp
2003Joan Barr
2004Joan Barr
2005Yolanta Schoeller
2006Yolanta Schoeller
2007Susan Kraus
2008Sharon B. Winters
2009Sharon B. Winters
2010Susan Kraus
2011Fran Guiles
2012 Wendy Aldinger
2013 Wendy Aldinger
2014 Joan Barr
2015Joan Barr
2016Lisa Hand
2017Lisa Hand
2018Stephen Slack
2019Stephen Slack
2020Joseph Burkhart
2021Joseph Burkhart

Note: From 1974 – 1992 the PACR Presidential term ran from the Annual Meeting date of one year till the next Annual Meeting date in the following year. In 1993 this changed and the Presidential term now begins on January 1st and ends December 31st of each calendar year.

PACR Distinguished Members

1989Vida Peterson
1993JoAnn Davis, CTR
1995Edie Kutlus, CTR
1996Marilyn White, CTR
1998Margaret Paulson, CTR
2004Diane Kirsch, CTR
2006Joan Phillips, CTR
2012Joan Barr, CTR, RN
2015Sharon Winters, MS, CTR
2018Wendy Aldinger, RHIA, CTR

Founding Members of NCRA

A PACR salute to 3 of the 111 Founding Members of NCRA:

  • Dolores Michels
  • Vida Peterson
  • Ruth Scaife

2022 Vida Peterson Scholarship to PACR Annual Meeting

Deborah Ebersole, CTR
UPMC Altoona

James Munizza, CTR
UPMC Presbyterian/Shadyside

CTR Exam Scholarship

  • First testing window 2019 – None
  • Second testing window 2019 – Elaine Turlington
  • Third testing window 2019 – None
  • First testing window 2020: None
  • Second testing window 2020: None
  • Third testing window 2020: Lisa Claycomb
  • First testing window: 2021: None
  • Second testing window 2021: Dawnette Brower
  • Third testing window 2021: Sam Burkhart
  • First testing window 2022:  None
  • Second testing window 2022:  None

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